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Original artwork is currently on display at
57th Street Gallery in Oakland, California.
If you wish to purchase this original painting
please contact the gallery.



acrylic on canvas

original artwork: $ 1,728
reproductions starting at: $ 44

The story behind the artwork

When you find yourself deep inside a slot canyon, you can't help but feel as if you've fallen in a large womb. It's small and dark and ultimately feminine. Even the earthy scent from trapped water and silty mud give you the sensation that you are in the womb of mother nature herself incarnate. The shapes around you are smooth and undulating, like walls of flesh, rippling on and on ahead of you, and are simply undeniably sexy. In fact there's one slot canyon within the Colorado Plateau know as Mae West, it is just that riddled with hourglass curves. Mystery is an aptly named slot canyon in Zion National Park. It's not the most secret or difficult, but it has a darkness in places, and a temperament unmistakably womanly. As a woman I felt a strange familiarity within her walls, and as some reference photos may reveal, an intimacy shared in her details. To serve her justice I wanted to paint a tribute to this sensation of mystery.
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