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acrylic on canvas

original artwork: $ 462

reproductions starting at: $ 36

The story behind the artwork

I started this painting and the painting, seed, when I discovered I was pregnant. Unfortunately, I miscarried. I had set the pieces aside for several months, wondering how to proceed. Eventually, I realized that finishing the paintings would be become part of my healing process. I learned that sometimes a life ends sooner than we wish, but it is important to recognize and celebrate that life, no matter how brief.

This small painting is of a sea sponge formation with an egg formation in the center. As a diver I am always inclined to peer into these sponges looking for some sort of hidden treasure. Sometimes I'll find small shrimp or fish inside, and sometimes, there's just nothing in there. This sponge holds a special treasure, a Chinese yin yang or Taiji, signifying a state infinite potentiality. These forms together expressed the complex emotions I was feeling as I was under the influence of pregnancy. More than a desire to build my own nest, I am looking forward to the discoveries to come in becoming a mother.



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