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acrylic on canvas

original artwork: $ 300

reproductions starting at: $ 44

The story behind the artwork

This nudibranch has just laid her eggs in the form of an egg ribbon. As beautiful and delicate as the creature that made it, the egg ribbon is soft and fleshy yet grounded firmly to the coral. This mother takes one last look before abandoning her eggs forever. All that remains is hope for a new generation of lovely pink sea slugs.

This piece has special meaning for me. I created this piece one year after learning of my own first pregnancy. A few months into the pregnancy I miscarried. Nudibranchs do not protect their eggs after laying them, and most eggs become easy prey, but every now and then, one egg might make it to adulthood. If there exists hope of that slim possibility, then certainly I can have hope that I might get another chance as well.

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