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acrylic on canvas

original artwork: $ 734
reproductions starting at: $ 24

The story behind the artwork

Did you ever think there were waterfalls in Death Valley? There are in Willow Creek Canyon. Willow Creek is spring fed so there is water there year-round. There are many springs like this one in the region. Some are hot springs, indicating that all this bubbling liquid activity has a geo-thermal origin. The more I learn and discover about Death Valley, the more everything I see here makes sense to me.

There are waterfalls all along Willow Creek, and one in particular caught my eye as special. This is the one I decided I would make my painting of. It had unusual markings, like the stripes of a tiger. You could tell from the shape of it that it had been carved out by very forceful water flow. It had two paths the water could take. One path (the one you can see water flowing down in the photo) is a gentle fall that lands in the pool at the bottom in a delightful sprinkle. The other, was to the left where the stripes are. It is the shape of a curved half pipe where you can imagine a huge flash flood may have raged at one time. How exciting it would be to see such a thing …from a safe distance of course.

See my blog for photos and the whole story...


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