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It's Only Advice...

I designed this section to provide my collectors with as much information as possible. The material here is based on questions I am often asked as an artist. I define a collector as anyone who has purchased or is thinking of purchasing a piece of my artwork. I hope you will find it helpful whether you are a novice connoisseur of art or a seasoned art professional.

Knowledge is power and I intend to help empower more first-time art buyers. The world of art is becoming increasingly accessible to a more diverse audience than ever before largely due to the dawning of the internet. The pleasure of sharing my art with others is only second to the pleasure of creating it. So let's dive in!

Buy What You Love

Art is an investment. Too many people see art as just something to decorate their walls with. In fact, it is so much more, and careful consideration should be taken when making a fine art purchase. When you have chosen your artwork carefully it will say something about who you are. It will inspire, invigorate, or soothe you when you take a few moments to enjoy its power.

When you are considering the purchase of a piece of artwork, think about how it makes you feel when you first drink it in. Then think about how it might make you feel, years from now. Art is something to enjoy for many years while it matures in value. But, unlike a stock or bond, you are in complete control of it's care. Protect it from damaging UV light, smoke, or other harmful environments. With proper care, it will provide many years of pleasure to you, and someday could be worth much more than you paid for it.




Share My Journey

The best way to ensure your artwork will increase in value is to follow the career of your artist. As one of my collectors, I invite you to sign up for my mailing list. Keep abreast of my career. You have not only invested in my artwork, but me as well. Spread the word about my work. My success will increase the value of your investment. I am always willing to listen to your advice as well. Have a great idea for a promotional opportunity? Let's talk!

My Oath to You

I will do all I can to make you proud to have my work in your collection. I pledge to continue to make new art until the day I die. I'm not going to fade away. I take my career as an artist very seriously and I want you to believe in me as much as I do. Having come from a solid background in exhibition and graphic design, a career filled with demanding hours and tough deadlines to meet, I am just as committed to making my fine art career equally successful. I will do what it takes to continue to grow and improve my business. For that is how I see what I do, it's not only my passion, it's my job!