December 1, 2007

Season's Greetings!
Things are cooling off here in the desert at last. It's been a busy past few months for me. My most exciting news is that I'm getting married in March, 2008. My fiance Ron Graham proposed to me on my birthday, October 9th in the presence of my parents and sister, and I accepted joyfully! For those of you wondering, I will continue to sign my artwork with "Kelso." Speaking of which, since my last e-newsletter I've completed five new paintings that I'd like to share with you...

This 24x24" oil on canvas was inspired by a canyon of the same name in Zion National Park. It expresses the feminine sensual qualities of a slot canyon. To read more about it, take a look at my weblog, and visit mystery within my portfolio.

These four canvases arranged together in a diamond pattern measuring 70x70" compose my work entitled reef. Inspired by the vast desert region of Capital Reef National Park, reef symbolizes the mind-blowing concept that all this desert country was once a shallow sea. Take a look and read more about reef.

This 48x36" acrylic painting on canvas is an homage to a special place in Heaps Canyon at Zion National Park. A fantastic adventure of three days took me into the this long slot canyon which ends with a thrilling 280' rappel to the base of the Emerald Pools. Read more about my trip through Heaps Canyon on my weblog or view the work entitled heaps.

A sentimental project, coal is a reflection on a significant part of my personal family heritage as well as a way of honoring one of our planet's natural resources. This 24x24" acrylic painting on canvas is dark and precious.

This 48x36" acrylic painting is a tribute to the spectacular scenery at the Havasupai nation's reservation in Arizona. One of the most astonishingly beautiful places I have ever visited, this true oasis of the desert is connected to the Grand Canyon. Take a look at oasis.

Current exhibitions
My work has been on exhibition locally at Jitters Cafe in Henderson as well as at City of the World Gallery in the Las Vegas Arts District. I have remained active volunteering for the Vegas Artists Guild and the Contemporary Arts Collective. I also donated a framed giclee entitled belly to the Aquarium of the Pacific's Sea Fare black-tie fundraising event last October. My print was part of a silent auction benefiting the aquarium's education and conservation programs. My work shared the auction block with a piece by the well known painter, Wyland. I am looking into other ways to involve myself with charities that support environmental conservation in the future.

Upcoming exhibitions
As I mentioned in July, ArtExpo came to Las Vegas last September. I attended as a spectator this year, but next year I'm saving my pennies to be an exhibitor. I heard some great feedback from fellow artists about how they obtained several contacts from buyers and gallery representatives. Some lucky artists even obtained multiple commissions from show visitors. It seems to be a great way to be discovered!

My push next year is going to be getting my work out there for the public to see. In addition to a First Friday presence in the Arts District, and exhibiting at ArtExpo, I plan to enter several Art Shows. I have currently been accepted to participate in Boulder City's Art Festival here in Nevada on April 19th and 20th. I am working on my booth display and am preparing prints and greeting cards for sale. Other shows I am looking into participating in are in Colorado, New Mexico, and California. Since they are juried applications I will announce any additional show confirmations in future e-newsletters.

Friends and family, please don't hesitate to pass my website along to anyone and everyone. I am interested in sharing my work digitally as well as through sales. The more people who see my work the better chances of my overall success. Also, I have implemented a friends and family discount of 15%. Just mention this newsletter when making your purchase. Giclee prints of my work start at only $70. See my sales page for more information.

Many thanks, and Happy Holidays to you all!

Bonnie Kelso