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About Original Artwork

There is nothing that matches the satisfaction of owning an original piece of artwork. In these difficult economic times, the purchase of original is the most pleasurable and brilliant way to diversify your investments portfolio. You are the steward of your investment, so take care of it and hang it where you can enjoy it every day. If it is artwork that has truly spoken to you, it will invigorate you, inspire you, and enrich your life in ways you could never imagine.

All my original works come with a certificate of authenticity, care package, and surprise "thank you" gift.

Pricing Structure for Original Artwork

Often people ask me how I determine my pricing. I have a system based on creation time and materials. Some pieces take more conceptual preparation, while others are more spontaneously created. Works priced higher are generally my higher-end works and entail more detail work or layering.



Procedure for Ordering Originals

I am always available to answer your questions. Contact me regarding which piece you are interested in. I will check the artwork's availability. I am often showing my work, so you may be able to purchase the item through a retail outlet.

You can make payments with checks, credit cards, or cash. If you are investing in a large piece, you may wish to consider my timed payment plan or my patron program. When the time comes, you can use my online order form.

Timeline for Receiving Artwork

Expect two to three weeks for delivery once the artwork is in my possession. I will try my best to deliver artwork to you in the most timely manner. Depending on whether the item is in storage or on public display will affect delivery time. Once I have received the artwork from a gallery or other exhibition venue, I inspect it thoroughly for minor nicks and scratches. I will make any touch-ups required before carefully packing the artwork and sending it on its way to you. I generally will send any official paperwork, such as certificates of authenticity under a separate cover for security reasons.