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I am willing to work with you on special projects. Please keep in mind my specialty is abstract natural forms. I can honestly say I would be no good at a realistic portrait of your family, but I probably know another artist who can help you. I'm always happy to reccommend a fellow artist for the jobs I feel unqualified for.

I welcome your inquiries on the matter. Just send me a note at info@bkelso.com to get the process rolling.

Commissions are based on a partnership between the buyer and the artist. We will have to work together to make the project a success. You should expect to devote some time to it.


This piece entitled "sunrise," was commissioned in 2010. To read more about the project click the image below.



My First Commission

A mural project for my nephew. I was paid for this project with hugs. I wanted to show how the proposed drawing ended up a bit different than the finished product due to budget cut-backs on time and materials.

Proposed illustration approved by my nephew. Note the grid lines, very professional.

The finished product painted with five colors of interior latex house paint. Lots of mixing.