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About Giclee Prints

A giclee print (pronounced jee-clay ) is a digital print on paper or canvas using archival inks and materials. If cared for properly it will last for many years. When purchasing an original piece of art just doesn't fit into your budget, the giclee print in an attractive option. I offer giclees through several distributers.

The world of digital printing is still advancing rapidly, so expect some hick-ups along the way. Color intensity, saturation, and hue may vary from printer to printer. The type of surface the image is printed on greatly affects the final outcome as well. I will almost always recommend the purchase of an original versus a giclee, but in some cases, a giclee is more appropriate. If you are decorating a high-traffic area like a restaurant or children's play area, buying a giclee is the conscientious choice. With a giclee, you can decrease or increase the size of the original image (within reason) to properly compliment a space. So, in some circumstances prints are a wonderful solution.

Please feel free to call me for any advice about how my artwork will integrate with your surroundings. I worked for many years as an interiors specialist and can offer you sound advice.

Production and Delivery Timeline

You should allow three to four weeks production time for giclee prints. Some images are already on file with my printer, but others must still go through a callibration process. I can give you a better time estimate once I receive your order.

When the print has been produced, I may have to mat it or stretch the canvas. Then, I like to add a protective coating to the piece. Once this is dry I can carefully package the print and send it on its way to you.

Delivery times will vary depending on how far away you live and what delivery method you choose.

When using Fine Art America, you will be using their production and delivery timelines which they will be able to explain to you directly.



Giclee Options

Your first option is for me to personally oversee the production of your giclee print. I will work with my supplier closely, ensuring that color matching and final finish best represents the original artwork. My pricing for this option is roughly $150 per square foot. By having my oversight, I can put my original signature on the final product.

If you choose to use one of my links on this website to Fine Art America you will be purchasing a product that I have little control over. I receive a small commission on sales made through this website. I am unable to hand-sign these prints before they are sent to you. These prints will only show the digital signature that is in the captured file. These giclees are an ecomomic choice and can provide you with a satisfactory reproduction to be enjoyed for years. Fine Art America also provides the added convenience of ordering the print with a matching mat and frame through one online ordering system. I've included this options because it allows me to sell my work at hugely discounted rates and helps me to reach a larger audience for my work.

Giclee Price Chart

This chart is based on my pricing for a giclee print handled directly by me. Pricing through Fine Art America, will be indicated on their website. I try very hard to keep my pricing structure fair and consistent.

Price Chart