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Be A Champion of the Arts!

Like what you see, but you're not sure which piece you want? Become one of my patrons!

In my Paron Program you can accrue cash towards a future purchase. If you would like to be enrolled, simply send me an email at: info@bkelso.com

The Patron Program Details:
The monthly fee (starting as low as $20) will go towards the eventual purchase of artwork. A monthly balance will be posted on my website for the patron's reference. Patron's identity information will remain annonymous. When the patron has accrued enough money in their account for a purchase, the patron may select artwork from available stock. No particular artwork will be put on hold for the patron for more than 14 days time. The patron may pay the full balance for artwork at any time to complete the sale, at which time all outstanding sales tax fees will apply. No interest will accrue for the patron and sales tax will be deducted from the monthly payment quarterly. The sales tax amount is non-refundable. If the patron chooses artwork that is priced less than their account total, they may choose to have the balance refunded or leave the money in your account to put towards a future purchase.






Timed Payment Plan Option

Have a favorite work of art, but are having trouble paying for the artwork all at one time? A Timed Payment Plan may be a good option for you.

By paying a deposit on a particular piece of artwork it guarantees that particular artwork will not be sold to another buyer. If you would like to discuss terms for a timed payment plan, simply send me an email at: info@bkelso.com

The Timed Payment Plan Details:
Upon receipt of your deposit (generally 50%), the artwork under contract will be held in the care of the artist, unless other arrangements have been agreed upon. Upon receipt of final payment the artwork will be delivered to the buyer at an additional cost. If the buyer is unsatisfied with the artwork for any reason, he or she may receive a refund (less the initial deposit), or may receive a credit towards the purchase of another piece of artwork within the artist's current inventory of equal value. This exchange or return policy will expire after 7 days of receipt of the artwork by the buyer and a final bill of sale will be delivered to the buyer.